About Me


Let me introduce myself. My name is Charissa van de Kerkhof.

I started this studio in 2003 right after my Academic Art studies Restauration and Decoration.

All the classes and workshops are under my guidence and i teach the classes both in Dutch and English.

My work ethic is as follows: the student is completely free to choose his or her subject. The lessons, techniques and ways of working will be adapted to the students experience and pace.

By this method, everyone has the freedom to develop his or her own technique.

How to join a course:

You can join a course by filling out the contact form.

Please check the time table first to see if there is space to join. 

Timetable drawing + pastel

Timetable painting


Check the timetable's to see which classes are available for new students to join.

Timetable drawing + pastel

Timetable acryl + oil paint

You need to wear a face mask in the studio!!

Validation lessons:

The lessons are 6 months valid for a full course and

3 months valid for a half course

Canseling a lesson:

You need to cancel your lesson 24 hours before via email otherwise it will be charged.

No refunds.

Class information:

No more then 14 people at a time.

We make for every lesson a separate appointment, so it may vary per class of how many students there are. This gives you classroom 'lessons', but with individual counseling.