Most asked questions



Q. Are the lessons taught in English?   

Yes, all the classes are taught both in English and Dutch.

Q. Are the courses suited for beginners?


Q.      How can i join a course?

You can join a course by making an appointment for your first class via email or by filling out the contact form. Please add your full name, email address, which course you are interested in and your preference day and time to join.

Q.      When can i join a course?

You can join at any time (if there is space). There are no special starting dates.

Q.    Of how many classes consists a course?

A full course consists of 10 lessons and a half course consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson is 2 hours.

Q.      When are the lessons for painting?

See timetable

Q.  When are the lessons for drawing and pastel?   

See timetable

Q.      Can i come more then once a week to class?

Yes that is possible, but keep in mind that the oilpaint needs 3 or 4 days to dry in between classes.

Q.     How long are the lessons valid?

For a full course the lessons are 6 months valid and for a half course 3 months.

Q.     Of how many students consists a class?

No more then 16 students per class, 10 for painting and 6 for drawing/ pastel

Q.     Do you also teach watercolour courses?


Q.     Staring from what age can i join the courses?

16 years

Q.     What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment are free of charge.

All other cancellations then the lesson will be charged.