Studio regulations

COVID-19 regulations

1)  It is not mandatory to wear a facemask in the studio anymore, but it is highly recommended. 

2) Wash your hands before the class starts and after the class has ended.

3) If you have any of these symptoms you can’t come to the studio:

a common cold,

a running nose, 


sore throat,

cough or a fever

Please stay at home, get tested and if necessary quarantine yourself for 5 days before you join classes again,

Same rules apply when you come back from holidays/ vacation.


You can cancel a class 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment free of charge via email:

Other Studio Rules:

  • Lessons are 6 months valid for a full course and 3 months valid for a half course.
  • We make for every lesson a separate appointment
  • Cancel a lesson 24 hours before your appointment, otherwise it will be charged.
  • A maximum of 16 students per class.
  • No refunds 
  • Starting age to attend my courses is 16 years